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Finance and Tax Law

We provide comprehensive advice in all types of complex transactions involving finance and tax law, including structured finance transactions.

Finance and Tax law

The firm provides services in all fields of tax law including:

- National general taxation.
- International taxation.
- Transfer prices.
- Taxation of different business operations, with special emphasis on corporate restructuring operations.
- Real estate taxation.


The clients of the tax department are both individuals and corporations. The primary objective of the firm is to minimize the fiscal impact of the clients’ operations. For this purpose, the different alternatives are analysed and studied to identify the most appropriate steps from a tax point of view. The firm has a long history of tax guidance directly related to legal structures aimed at the management, continuity and transfer of family businesses. Likewise, the firm advises on all types of tax due diligence proceedings. The firm participates in both foreign investment operations in Spain and Spanish investment abroad. Particular attention is given to the application of international double taxation treaties and, in general, to international investment structures and business development.


The firm regularly manages tax proceedings and litigation, tax inquiries, inspection proceedings, tax information requests, appeals and economic-administrative claims, litigation in contentious-administrative and criminal proceedings, as regards the defence of clients in economic criminal proceedings and in cases of offences against the Public Treasury.


The firm has extensive knowledge of the needs of its clients in banking and financial matters, keeping up to date with the most current and innovative instruments. The firm provides advice on all types of unique financing operations, such as structured finance and securitizations (mortgage and synthetic), syndicated bank financing, asset finance, tax leases, project finance and acquisition financing, harmonising at all times the financial aspects of each transaction with its fiscal aspects. Our firm is particularly experienced in the acquisition of real estate assets (residential housing, hotels, offices, business parks and industrial and leisure complexes). In addition, the firm provides services in consumer banking operations, including leasing, renting, factoring and export financing.


Likewise, the firm advises clients on the acquisition of distressed assets and debt, including loan portfolios of banking entities for their subsequent restructuring or enforcement.


Why do our customers choose us?

B. Cremades y Asociados has an extensive background in transactional law. In particular, the firm has achieved a high degree of specialisation in arbitration and procedural law and stands out for its activity in commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financial and capital market law. The firm participates in operations in Spain and regularly collaborates with other firms in multi-jurisdictional operations. Thanks to its size, the firm provides comprehensive advice to companies and individuals.
With regard to the latter, B. Cremades y Asociados has developed in recent years an important work in advising large estates and family structures. As part of its internationalization strategy, B. Cremades y Asociados is a member of TAGLaw, a network of leading law firms of high quality present in more than 90 countries.

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