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 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain (Law Degree, 2006)


 2008, Madrid.


Rodrigo joined B. Cremades y Asociados’ arbitration and litigation department in January 2007. Since then, his practice has focussed on domestic and international ad hoc and institutional commercial arbitration with various international institutions (ICC, LCIA, ICSID, TAS-CAS, CAM…) and legal representation before different courts in matters regarding arbitration (setting aside and enforcement of awards, appointments of arbitrators, precautionary measures, exequatur proceedings in Spain of foreign awards, arbitrator responsibility, etc.).
Rodrigo has also intervened in a variety of arbitrations before different legal bodies, mainly regarding regulated sectors, corporate law, breaches of contract, settlement claims, data protection, construction, the hotel sector, agentship, etc.
2008, Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Degree in Law, 2006.

Rodrigo Cortés is fluent in Spanish and English.

Rodrigo has participated both as advisor and lawyer in various arbitration proceedings, as follows:

• ICC international institutional arbitration between a Spanish bank and a leading Turkish company in the production of fibre optic cable;

• International, institutional, ICC arbitration between an Argentinean company and the Argentinean National State;

• LCIA institutional arbitration between a Spanish gas multinational and a Spanish electric company in Latin America;

• Domestic ad hoc arbitration between a Spanish gas multinational and a Spanish electric company in Latin America;

• International ad hoc arbitration between a major German sportswear and sports products manufacturer and a Spanish company;

• Institutional arbitration before ICSID between an international company and the State of Albania;

• TAS arbitration within the IOC between an important international group in the sports sector and a sponsoring company;

• TAS arbitration regarding doping within the IOC between a sports professional and the Spanish Sports Federation;

• TAS arbitration within the International Olympic Committee between two major Brazilian and Italian football clubs;

• CAM domestic arbitration between a health sector company and an important Spanish insurance company;

• International ad hoc arbitration between an important hotel group and a real estate fund;

• Arbitration before the FIFA dispute resolution bodies between two major international clubs;

• Arbitration before the ICAM Court of Arbitration between a Big Four and its former partners;

• International arbitration before the Arbitration Centre of the Lima Chamber of Commerce between two major Latin American construction companies;

• Dispute Resolution Board in Ecuador between a Chinese construction company and an Ecuadorian public entity.

He has also participated as advisor and lawyer in diverse arbitration-related legal proceedings, as follows:

• Procedure for setting aside a foreign arbitral award between a Spanish company and a leading German multinational from the sports clothing and footwear sector;

• Procedure for enforcement of an arbitral award between a Spanish company and a leading German multinational in the sports clothing and footwear sector;

• Exequatur procedure for an arbitral award between a French energy company, market leader in gas and electricity and one of the largest electric companies in Spain and Latin America;

• Litigation between a leading German multinational sportswear and footwear company and two arbitrators for arbitration liability of the members of an Arbitral Tribunal.

Apart from arbitral issues Rodrigo has also participated as a lawyer before different legal bodies in civil and mercantile legal proceedings, including:

• Litigation concerning an important multinational supplier of money transfer and payment services and the restructuring of its management and business in Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe and North Africa;

• Litigation concerning an Italian security company and a Spanish company;

• Litigation concerning a construction multinational and a Spanish company with regard to the construction of a powerstation;

• Litigation in the U.S. in relation to the ownership of works of art looted by the German regime during the Second World War;

• Management of a portfolio of over 300 legal proceedings for a major Spanish bank.


Rodrigo has collaborated in the following publications

• The FIDIC’s clause 20.1–a civil law view, by Mauro Rubino Sanmartano

• Investing Across Borders 2010, World Bank Group

• The Principle of Confidentiality in Arbitration: A Necessary Crisis, Journal of Arbitration Studies, Vol. 23, No. 3 (The Korean Association of Arbitration Studies - KAAS)

• Class Arbitration in the European Union (Ed. Maklu)

• Provisional Remedies in Arbitration (Ed. Juris)


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