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Since its foundation, B. Cremades & Asociados has consolidated its reputation in local and international commercial arbitration, as well as in investor-State arbitration. The firm has acted in more than 300 arbitral proceedings of all kinds and is ranked as a world-leader in the field.

In the arbitration team of B. Cremades & Asociados all our lawyers enjoy international profiles, allowing us to provide advice on both common law and civil law matters. Several of our attorneys are members of the bar in jurisdictions other than Spain, including England and Wales, France, Germany, Libya, New York and New Zealand.

We are accustomed to handling international disputes involving more than one jurisdiction or arbitral seat. We regularly monitor and advise on local arbitration procedures outside Spain when a high degree of sophistication is required in public or private international law. Our arbitration team advises clients before, during and after the arbitration proceeding. These services include: (i) assistance with the drafting of arbitration clauses and the design of ADR mechanisms; (ii) negotiations with other parties before or during the proceeding; (iii) applications for injunctions and provisional relief related to arbitral proceedings; and (iv) the recognition, enforcement and annulment of arbitral awards.

The firm also enjoys close connections with arbitral institutions and professional organizations throughout the World.

You may download our full arbitration practice brochure here.