Practice areas

Consultancy services on arbitration and litigation funding

B. Cremades & Asociados enjoys excellent relations with the main litigation and arbitration third party funders and participates in all stages of the funding process.

Firstly, B. Cremades & Asociados assesses the feasibility and options for obtaining litigation or arbitration funding. With extensive experience in litigation and arbitration throughout the world, the team is highly skilled in providing clients with honest and reliable assessments of the funding possibilities of each case.

Once the case has been selected, B. Cremades & Asociados’ extensive experience and close relationships with the leaders in the sector increase the possibilities of securing funding for the arbitration or court litigation.

B. Cremades & Asociados regularly prepares comprehensive funding memoranda, addressing in detail the areas of general concern to potential funders. The firm prepares such memoranda both for clients seeking funding and for funders seeking legal advice when considering a potential case. B. Cremades y Asociados’ reputation in this feld allows funders to evaluate its analyses with confdence that the legal opinions and overall case evaluations offer reliable and realistic perspectives.

Finally, B. Cremades & Asociados has considerable experience in the negotiation of litigation and arbitration funding agreements. Given that the characteristics of each case and the objectives of each client may vary, it is important to reach a personalised agreement that is fair and reasonable for all parties. B. Cremades & Asociados has a long history of assisting parties to achieve this goal.