TAGLaw Member B. Cremades & Asociados Attends International Law Conference in Brussels

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Madrid, 19 October 2012 – Günter Helbing, a partner at B. Cremades & Asociados, will attend an international conferencein Brussels hosted by TAGLaw®, a leading alliance of independent law firms from around the world.
TAGLaw MemberB. Cremades & AsociadosAttends
International Law Conference in Brussels, 22-24 October 2012. Vincent Van Dessel,

CEO of NYSE Euronext Brussels to Address Members.

Madrid, 19 October 2012 – Günter Helbing, a partner atB. Cremades & Asociados,will attend an international conferencein Brussels hosted byTAGLaw®, a leading alliance of independent law firms from around the world.Vincent Van Dessel, the CEO of NYSE Euronext Brussels, will present on the future of public markets as a vehicle of financing for small and mid-sized enterprises.TIAG®,TAGLaw'ssister alliance of independent accounting firms, will be holding its 18th international conference in parallel, and the two alliances will hold joint sessions on the third day of the conference.

In addition to hearing Van Dessel,TAGLawmembers will discuss a number of important topics related to international law and legal practice management. One of the most anticipated at this conference is Deepak Malhotra’s talk on identifying leaders among lawyers. “As Deepak is both a lawyer and now on the leadership team of a major international corporation, our members are excited to hear about the talents he sees as necessary to lead their firms forward,” said Bob Sattin, TAGLaw’s president, “This information is particularly valuable, since succession planning is one of the most important topics for high-quality law firms throughout the world.” Other sessions at the TAGLaw conference include:

    10 Steps to Growing Your International Business by Alex Holtum the Director of International Law Firm Solutions, Ltd.;

    International Privileged and Confidential Communications: Pitfalls for the Unwary by John Jennings, In-House Counsel at Eastman Chemicals EMEA B.V.; and

    The Art of Networking: Strategies for Engaging New Clients and Creating Relationships by Itzik Amiel, Founder and CEO of EG Group.

In addition,TAGLawwill also offer breakout sessions on firm management and opportunities for specialists in various aspects of the law to exchange ideas and experiences.